Hidden Oaks Nature Center - Bolingbrook, Illinois (2010)

Hydro-Action and Septic Solutions (IL) donated a wastewater treatment system to the Hidden Oaks Nature Center--a building which exemplifies sustainable design with LEED-Platinum certification.

The building received a perfect score on Water Management and Design/Innovation sections, in part to the Hydro Action Set-N-Go Wastewater Treatment system in conjunction with the Turtle Drip system. The treated wastewater is released into a small wetlands pond, which naturally purifies and utilizes the treated effluent.

Hydro Action is proud to integrate ecological sanitation through its aerobic treatment and Turtle Drip system with a sustainably designed building, which mitigates human impact on the local environment. The Hidden Oaks Nature Center exhibits all aspects of sustainable water management: ecological sanitation, rainwater collection, grey water recycling, and highly efficient water use.


Hidden Oaks Nature Center 

Hidden Oaks Nature Center Awarded by Chicago Green Building Congress

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