Hydro-Action is a wholly owned subsidiary of AK Industries and is located in Plymouth, Indiana. AK Industries was established in 1981 by two brothers with a dream to be the best at what they did. That passion translated into a philosophy of:

  • Producing a top quality line of products with consistent engineering and production detail

  • Continued, reliable customer service

  • Providing the “Best Value” available

This philosophy has driven the company to become a leader in fiberglass and polyethylene products for the wastewater industry.

Since 1989 Hydro-Action has become a recognized leader in the aerobic treatment of wastewater. Treating wastewater with aeration is not a new idea—municipalities have been doing it since 1916.

Hydro-Action has designed an onsite Aerobic Treatment Unit that is brilliant in its simplicity and effectiveness. In addition to being “green,” it’s affordable and practical for residential and commercial usage.

The company prides itself on the fact that:

  • Its ATU is a green solution for wastewater disposal.

  • It recycles its own salvageable material, which saves you money and helps the environment.

  • It outperforms its competitors, and;

  • All of its assemblage and components are produced in America.

Hydro-Action has thousands of ATU systems in operation today throughout the United States (NSF 40 & 245 Certified). In addition, the company’s centralized location and unit fiberglass construction provide greater affordability through lower shipping costs.

We’re a company that creates clear solutions for the real world, and we’re building on real success. Join the Hydro-Action team in being a leader in preserving our environment and becoming a part of the clean water movement.


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