A Five-Year Transferable Limited Factory Warranty,

which exceeds the NSF requirement of two (2) years.


Vacuum tested fiberglass design, manufactured by a U.S. industry-leader with over 35 years of experience.

Reduced shipping costs.

Fiberglass is lighter than concrete and our tanks can be nested for transit, so delivery is easier.


Simple installation, higher adaptability to land conditions and economical operation.

Easy Installation and Maintenance.

Easily installed without heavy equipment and fast and hassle-free maintenance.


We train and certify our distributors to be experts in the field of aerobic wastewater treatment.


Locate the OPS remotely and can be installed as a supplemental unit to existing systems.

A Green Solution.

Aerobic action instead of chemicals, higher-quality effluent and flexibility for sensitive land areas.

Welcome to Hydro-Action

Hydro-Action is an onsite wastewater treatment unit manufacturer with over 25 years of industry experience.

Founded in 1988 and relocated to Indiana in 2002, our technology utilizes an activated sludge treatment process, which constantly infuses oxygen to wastewater where aerobic bacteria metabolize the waste.

Then it separates in a clarification chamber without the use of media filters, carbon additives, or expensive, high maintenance technologies.

We offer our products in a three tank combination as a single unit: pretreatment, aerobic treatment, and pump tank design as the “Set-N-Go” unit.

We also sell our tanks as individual treatment plants. We offer 72” tall standard and 52” tall Low Profile systems. 

We are NSF Standard 40 & 245 Nitrogen Reduction approved with testing results of an average CBOD5 of 4mg/L (98.5% reduction), TSS 9mg/L (95.25% reduction), and 5.1 mg/L dissolved oxygen.

Our Nitrogen Reduction averaged less than 10mg/L TN and over 79% reduction in Total Nitrogen removal.

As your partner in wastewater treatment systems, we’re proud to offer you Hydro-Action’s best. A system of unprecedented quality that considers everything from delivery to environmental concerns, we think the case is clear. Hydro-Action gives you clear results.

New problems demand new solutions. It’s estimated that conventional septic systems are unsuitable for roughly two-thirds of all the land area in the U.S. (NSFC, Pipeline). In many areas, even existing systems create serious user and ecological problems.

If you’re ready for a smarter onsite water treatment system, then you’re ready for Hydro-Action. Designed specifically to meet the unique challenges of today, our treatment system produces cleaner effluent more efficiently, even in areas with sensitive land issues and leach field complications.

We’re a common-sense business giving you the kind of green technology that saves time, money, and hassles for everyone. As savvy customers and industry professionals alike look for economical, sustainable water treatment systems that work for people and the environment, they’re turning to Hydro-Action.

We meet challenges with innovation that works. Could it be any clearer?

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